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Troop DXVI (516)

As the story goes, we showed up to camp many years ago with another Troop 516. Instead of being "516B," some enterprising Scouts decided on using Roman numerals, and to this day we haven't encountered another troop with this numbering.  

Council - Pacific Harbors Council

District - Rainier District

Charter Organization - Randles Sand and Gravel, Puyallup, WA

Scouts and adults may hold individual positions within the troop. For a great description of these positions and the structure of Scouting, click below.


"Have you asked your patrol leader?" 

- Scouts have many questions and we want to help them in every way we can. However, since the goal of the BSA is for events to be "Scout-led" and "adult-advised," if I Scout can be empowered to find an answer or solution within their Scout ranks, always encourage them to do so first.

Organization Structure 
"Chain of Command" 

Every Tuesday at 7:00 pm

South Hill Christian Church

12311 151st St E Puyallup, WA 98374 

1st Tuesday - Committee Meeting


4th Tuesday - PLC (Patrol Leaders Council)

- All scouts are welcome to attend, but only Scout leadership and Scoutmasters are required to attend)


All other Tuesdays are regular meetings but the schedule can vary



To make communicating easier, we often use the app "GroupMe" to send out texts. Keep in mind that any form of communication involving a scout whether it be text, email, in person, etc. must be "two-deep."  It’s easiest to include a parent in any form of communication sent.


Facebook Page:

Here we share photos, updates, reminders, answer questions, etc.


Our website is for exposure and recruiting mainly but will also contain news, upcoming events, and resources for scouts and parents.

This is where we upload all the scout’s achievements, RSVP for events, send emails, list a current roster, and keep our calendar. It is vital that your information in Scoutbook is up to date and correct and you can log on. Make sure to look out for the Scoutbook invitation email in your new and spam folders.


Scout uniforms are unique and historic to Scouting. Scouts and scouters should take pride in their appearance and realize that in uniform (class A or B) that you are representing Scouting. Individual events will specify uniform wear. If not specified, see the Senior Patrol Leader. 

Class A -Traditional khaki shirt (available at the Scout Store in Tacoma or online) with appropriate badges, green pants or shorts, green socks. Shoes should be appropriate for planned activities. Hats & belts are encouraged but optional. Neckerchiefs and slides are required.  Class A will normally be worn for meetings, formal ceremonies, or any event in the public eye.


Class B - Class B consists of a red (scouts) or black/gray (adults) DXVI shirt (sweatshirt, long/short sleeve), appropriate pants (normally green) and shoes for the activity. Class B is normally authorized for meetings only in summer months and worn for outdoor activities. The troop does numerous class B uniform orders throughout the year.


Scouting offers a huge variety of merit badges that will interest all Scouts. Scouts get the chance to challenge themselves with subjects, trades, crafts and activities they may not have had other opportunities to explore! There are 13 merit badges required for Eagle Scout, but Scouts can earn so many more! 

Scouts, start by picking a badge you would like to complete and talk to your Scoutmaster. They will help you find a merit badge counselor to start your "blue card." From there, you will work with your merit badge counselor or other Scouts to complete the requirements. Keep these blue cards safe, as you'll need them throughout your scouting journey.

Merit Badges (Scouts)

Parents! We always need you as merit badge counselors for our Scouts. This helps make a direct impact on their Scouting journey, and you could inspire them to pick up a hobby, craft, or even a career! 


You'll need to apply with Council (the Committee or Scoutmasters can help you get in contact as this changes periodically) with which badges you  volunteer to be a counselor for. You will be surprised at what you're qualified to do!

Then, you'll need to make time for the Scouts needing your counsel to help guide them along their journey.  

You'll follow the merit badge counselor guides for the specific badge. Remember, you can't add or subtract any requirements, they are what they are and it's the Scout's responsibility to know them.

Some merit badge counseling positions may require more specialized skills and training. Skills will be via self-assessment of your abilities. Any extra training will be specified in the merit badge workbook and on the BSA Training website. 

To learn about the requirements see the link below. 

Note that will require a seperate username and password to access online training (including YPT).

Merit Badges (Parents)

Scouts have the opportunity to progress through various ranks culminating in Eagle Scout. They get their through multiple, surmountable obstacles and requirements.


Scouts plan their own advancement and progress at their own pace as they meet each challenge. Scouts are recognized and rewarded for each achievement, which helps them gain self-confidence. The steps in the advancement system help a Scout grow in self-reliance and in the ability to help others.

Work with your Scoutmasters and fellow Scouts to complete rank requirements, which culminate in a Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review. Each rank advancement has a very unique, DXVI-specific ceremony associated with it.


Youth Protection &
Adult Training

Youth Protection Training (YPT)

DXVI Scouts & Adults will follow all BSA guidelines for youth protection at all times in and out of Scouting. Members not abiding by YPT standards, and standards of proper conduct will not be members of Troop DXVI and will be reported to the local council and (as required) national leadership.

Troop DXVI, has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination in any form. Our adult members should emulate ethical & moral behavior, always setting the example for Scouts. Remember, Scouts are always watching you.

Alcohol is not allowed at any Scout events (including campouts).

"Two-Deep" Leadership

One-on-one contact between adult leaders and youth members is prohibited both inside and outside of Scouting. This includes in person, phone, texting, GroupMe, and other messages. 

If an adult is involved in any aspect of Scouting with a Scout (other than their child), a minimum of two other Scouts, adults, or combo thereof are required to be present.

Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including all meetings. 

Overnight Stays

All adults staying overnight in connection with a Scouting activity must be currently registered as an adult volunteer or an adult program participant.  Adult volunteers must register in the position(s) they are serving in. Registration as a merit badge counselor position does not meet this requirement.

Specific rules on tenting and accommodations are linked below.


Youth Protection Training (YPT)

All adults involved in Scouting must complete Youth Protection Training. BSA requires this every other year, however, Pacific Harbors Council requires an annual completion.

YPT is completed online via

Scouts, you have such unique opportunity for adventures that other youth will never have the chance to experience. Enjoy your Scouting journey, take advantage of everything Scouts offers, challenge yourself to grow and get our of your comfort zone, and most of all...HAVE FUN!

Parents, there is nothing better then watching your child achieve new goals and have amazing adventures. You also have the opportunities to take advantage of the unique activities Scouts offers. Grow with your Scout, unplug, connect. You will cherish these memories. 

Have Fun!

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