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South Hill Thatching & Aerating 2024

Help your lawn look its best this year while supporting your local Scouts

Saturday April 27th & Sunday April 28th

Thatch & Aerate

Front & Back - $175

Front or Back - $115

Thatch or Aerate 

Front & Back - $115

Front or Back - $90

* Additional donation request for larger lots

Also offered - the Scouts can retire & replace your faded/worn American flag

Thank you for supporting our community's Scouts.

Venmo @troopdxvi


PayPal @troopdxvi

Fundraising supports Scout adventures! In 2023 DXVI….

- Sent 9 Scouts to SeaBase High Adventure Camp in the Florida Keys

- Sent 12 Scouts to Camp Meriwhether on the Oregon Coast

- Sent 9 Scouts to Klondike Winter Campout

- Sent 2 Scouts to National Youth Leadership Training

- Enabled multiple campouts, hiking trips and other adventures

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